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The Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club was founded to collect and share old-time radio (OTR) audio tapes, records, books, scripts, magazines and related memorabilia.


We meet at 7:30 PM on the second Friday of every month, except June, September and December. Click here for details and a map.

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We would love to have you as a member! Click here for a membership application and all the details.

Radio Recall

Radio Recall is our journal, available via email (PDF) or regular mail. Read sample articles here.

Upcoming Meetings

For our October meeting, Jack French and club members will be presenting a "Candy Matson" recreation As Jack stated, "The script is an original I wrote, based on the characters created by Monty Masters on the 1949-51 series." There will be full sound effects!

For our November meeting, member Lawrence Kandrach will present a program timed for Veterans Day on the theme of RADIO AND THE G.I. He will present audio clips and one special video element that will highlight radio programming that was made for, and available only to, GIs that were serving in overseas war zones. As his accompanying narratives will highlight, the programming, primarily featuring Command Performance material,was intended not just to provide a link to "Home", but also to provide information and elevate morale. These half-hour programs featured top performers from across the entertainment community encompassing Hollywood, radio, popular and classical music, sports, and novelty elements - and all featured acts were presented free and only by request of the GI audience.

Clubmember Captures August Eclipse.

See pictures of clubmember John Abbott's Eclipse photos.

MWOTRC September Program

On September 30, club members presented three 15-minute recreations "Raising Junior", "Easy Aces" and "Baby Snooks" and Arch Obler's "Chicken Heart" to an appreciative audience at the Library of Congress' Packard Theater in Culpepper, VA. The photos below are from these performances.

MWOTRC Slide show